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Tennis Court Cleaning by South Coast Court Cleaners

Vesco Tennis Courts has teamed with Hy-tech Soft Wash Systems to form South Coast Courts Cleaners, specializing in cleaning tennis and other outdoor sport courts throughout the Gulf South using the new soft wash technology.
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Over the years courts can become unsightly due to dirt, stains, mildew, etc. Traditional power washing will clean the courts but leaves marks from the wand, removes loose material resulting in needed repair.

The worst part is that it wears away and eats away at the actual surface itself and leaves gouges and bare spots. Yearly pressure washing can cut surface life in half.

The soft wash system removes no surface at all. The system involves using non-hazardous biodegradable cleaning agents that eat away at mold, mildew and other build up and is then rinsed away with a low-pressure rinsing system that leaves you with a clean, intact court adding years to it's life when done in lieu of pressure washing.

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